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A Very Special Poem By Anderson Fabrics Employee Nina Anderson

By Hans Halvorson, President & CEO of Anderson Fabrics

Perhaps you may remember Governor Walz mentioning Anderson Fabrics at one of his initial press conferences relating to COVID-19. Since that press conference, our company has produced and shipped over 70,000 fabric masks and are currently designing and prototyping several other critical PPE items.

We have had nearly 200 employees remain on the frontlines and remain engaged with producing and shipping critical PPE.

One of those employees is 86 year old Nina Anderson (she will turn 87 in July). Due to her age, Nina certainly could have stayed home and mitigated her risk of being infected by COVID-19. However, she refused. Nina feels (as we all do at Anderson Fabrics) the work we are doing is so important. Every mask Nina makes, she says a prayer to the receiver of the mask.

Recently, Nina wrote a poem about Anderson Fabrics, her fellow employees, and the difficult position COVID-19 has put us all in. We recorded this poem and are sharing it with you in hopes we may honor 86 year old Nina Anderson and her selfless approach to life.

Nina's poem is certainly a ray light during a very dark time for so many.

Thank you, Nina.