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Quilt For Me

Max's Quilting Shack

(Quilting service by Mary Larsen @Anderson Fabrics Factory Outlet & Quilt Shop)

First let me start by saying that I feel very honored when someone puts their quilt in my hands and trusts me to make it a special heirloom to be forever treasured. Max is the name of the Statler Stitcher that we have here at the shop, when you have been working with a machine as long as I have you have to give it a name. I have been running Gammill quilting machines at Anderson Fabrics since 1991. Max was purchased  about 10 years ago, he is our only computerized Statler. We were moved up to the store from the workroom in 2012. Being able to work one on one with the quilters has proven to be very challenging and rewarding. Every day is a new adventure. We look forward to you bringing in your projects and being a part of our journey.

Quilt Preparation: Please press, trim threads and double check that there are no open seams throughout the quilt. If the quilt is directional please mark the top with a safety pin if it's not an obvious directional fabric, this goes for the backing as well. If there is a flange on your quilt top you may want to baste it down to prevent it from being flipped by the needle on the machine. If you are providing your own batting and backing be sure that they are at least 4” larger than the quilt on each side. For example if your quilt is 80"x80", your batting and backing should be at least 88"x88".

 Have any questions? Give us a call at: (800) 638-8921 or Local: (218) 835-6377


  • Statler 1: One all over Edge 2 Edge Pattern $35 /yard (3oz.poly-fil batting included) $45 /yard ( Warm & Natural batting included)

  • Statler 2: Custom type quilting - $42 /yard (3oz.poly-fil batting included) $52 /yard (Warm & Natural included)

  • Statler 3: Custom quilting or hand quilting - $ 52 /yard (3oz. poly-fil batting included) $ 62 /yard (warm& natural included)

  • Statler 4: Extreme custom quilting (takes longer than 3 hours to complete) - $ 80 /yard (3oz. poly-fil batting included) $ 90 /yard (warm& natural included)

    $5.00 charge for seaming backing.
    $5.00 charge for variegated thread.

    We have available a 100% cotton sateen backing if you do not have your own. The cost for that is $6.00 /yard and Ivory lining is $11.00 /yard. You are also welcome to purchase backing here when you bring in your quilt. You are welcome to bring in your own batting and backing but the cost is the same. 

    Patterns: We have hundreds of patterns to choose from. Let us know if there is certain kind of pattern you are looking for or you can let the quilter pick a pattern that best suits your quilt.

    Computerized Longarm Quilting Patterns:

    Sports and Hobbies | Fun Patterns | Christmas and Winter | Misc. 


     Paisley Flowers Pattern Longarm Quilting


    Shapes and Swirls
    Swirls and Curvy Pattern Longarm Quilting


    Wildlife and Nature
     Butterfly Pattern Longarm Quilting



    Contact Mary to ask about our extensive collection of many more custom patterns we have available.
    (800) 638-8921 or Local: (218) 835-6377